CM Jagan met with the Prime Minister - Information that the problems of the state were mentioned!

CM Jagan, who is on a visit to Delhi, submitted a petition to the Prime Minister on the problems of the state. He is also meeting with the PM and other ministers
CM Jagan met with the Prime Minister Modi in Delhi

CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, who is on a visit to Delhi, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Along with him, Vijayasai Reddy also participated in this meeting. Sources of YCP say that during the meeting with the Prime Minister, many issues related to AP were mentioned. The revised estimates related to the Polavaram project were approved but requested. It is said that funds have also been requested to be released. The party leaders are providing information that they have also discussed the issues related to the package of refugees. It seems that special status to the state, the still pending aspects of the Partition Act and the release of funds have been mentioned
Meeting at the Prime Minister's residence on Lok Kalyan Marg, the CM requested the Prime Minister to provide adequate assistance to complete the construction of the Polavaram project at the earliest. For the construction work of the project, the state government has spent Rs. 2900 crores has been spent. The CM asked to reimburse them immediately. He asked for the approval of the revised estimates of the Polavaram project. It has been requested to approve the cost of the project as confirmed by the Technical Advisor Committee at Rs.55,548.87 crore. He expressed the opinion that component-wise reimbursement system should be stopped in the construction of the project, due to which the works are getting delayed. It is suggested to reimburse the work within 15 days after taking into consideration the entire project cost as it is done in all the national projects. 


The CM asked to provide compensation to the displaced persons under land acquisition and relief rehabilitation programs through DBT method. He requested the PM to give Rs.10 thousand crores on an ad hoc basis so that the construction works of the project can be carried forward faster. They want to sanction Rs. 32,625.25 crore due to the state under the resource gap. He appealed to grant the funds due to the state in the form of bills for the period 2014-15, in the form of 10th Pay Commission arrears, pensions etc.  
The CM said that due to the lack of rationalization in the selection of eligible persons under the National Food Security Act, the state is suffering severe losses. He explained to the Prime Minister that he had already brought this issue to his attention. He said that 2.68 crore people in the state are getting ration through public distribution system. CM said that 61 percent of them belong to rural areas while 41 percent belong to urban areas. According to the law, 75 percent of people in rural areas and 50 percent of people in urban areas should get benefits under PDS.  
The CM explained that Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat, which are at a better economic level compared to AP, have at least 10 percent more beneficiaries than the state. He said that due to this, the state is not applying PDS to those who are eligible, and the state is applying PDS to about 56 lakh people in addition to what the center is giving. He explained that this is a heavy burden on the state government. The CM said that the NITI Aayog has already taken the next key decision and informed the central government. 

The CM reminded that the allocations given to Andhra Pradesh should be examined. He said that the state government has applied for an additional 56 lakh families who are not covered by the center than what the center is giving under the Prime Minister's Garib Kalyan Yojana during the Covid period. The CM explained that due to this, the state had to bear an additional burden of Rs.5,527.63 crores. He said that this burden is likely to increase as the Prime Minister continues the Garib Kalyan Yojana.  

The CM asked for an immediate re-examination of the identity of the beneficiaries of the National Food Security Act. He said that 3 lakh tonnes of the rice quota allotted to the state every month is being wasted. Out of this, only 77 thousand tonnes is enough. The CM explained to the Prime Minister that there will not be any additional burden on the Center as well. The CM mentioned the issue of arrears due from Telangana DISCMs. He reminded that there is arrears of Rs.6,756 crore and this problem has remained unresolved for 8 years.  

CM Jagan said that if the money due from Telangana is given, the power companies of the state, which are in dire straits, will be saved. It will pave the way for producers to pay their dues, he said. They want to implement the guarantees given during the partition. The CM reminded that there was no rationality in the division and due to this the state had suffered a lot. The assurances given as a parliamentary witness should be fulfilled. He appealed to implement the guarantees including special status. He said that industrial sector growth, job creation, grants from the center, tax concessions and other benefits will come through special class status, thereby reducing the burden on the state. 

He explained that there are only 11 medical colleges in 26 districts of the state... Three new colleges have been given permission and their work is also going on. He said that 12 more colleges are yet to get permission. The CM appealed to the PM to grant these. Requested to allocate iron ore mines to APMDC for integrated steel plant in Kadapa. He said that allotment of mines is very important for the establishment of steel plant and stable transport of ore is the most important aspect in the establishment of the project. The CM asked to allocate beach sand mineral areas to APMDC... He reminded that the issue of allocation of 14 areas is still pending. He said that there is a possibility of investment of around Rs.20 thousand crores in this sector. 

CM Jagan also met Union Minister RK Singh a while back. He pleaded to ensure that the electricity dues of six thousand crores due from Telangana are received. The CM will meet the President of India Draupadi Murmu shortly. She is meeting for the first time after being elected as the President. The party ranks revealed that they are meeting to wish her good luck.